How to Connect Vizio Sound Bar Bluetooth to TV

Most of the Vizio soundbars comes with advanced features like Dolby atoms, 4K sound and wireless connectivity feature. That’s why Vizio is one of the famous soundbars in the market and on amazon. Today in this article, we will see that how to connect Vizio sound bar Bluetooth to tv. We can easily connect the Vizio soundbar to several devices like TV, smartphone, and tablet and we can stream our favorite content without any wires.

How to connect Vizio sound bar Bluetooth to TV

Press and hold the Bluetooth button on the Vizio Sound Bar or the Bluetooth button on the soundbar remote control for five to 5 seconds. When the Sound Bar is in Pairing Mode, the LED Indicators on the soundbar display Panel on the front of the will light sequentially from bottom to top and back again.

How to connect Vizio sound bar Bluetooth to TV

Once the device is paired, the LED Indicators will stop flashing and enjoy your favorite content on your soundbar through Bluetooth.

Vizio soundbars come with multi-connectivity features that include HDMI, Optical cable, RCA cable, AUX cable, and wifi, but all the experts believe that HDMI is recommended connection of all kind of soundbars. HDMI supports all the latest features like 4k audio and Dolby atoms content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I connect my Bluetooth Soundbar to my TV?

Turn On your TV, and go Home. After selecting Settings, select Sound, select the Sound Output and then select the Bluetooth Speaker List. Select your soundbar model from the list. When your TV detects all nearby soundbar, a message Need Pairing or Paired will appear in the TV’s Bluetooth device list.

Does my Vizio TV have Bluetooth?

Most Vizio smart TVs support Bluetooth, but the old model TVs do not support the Bluetooth feature. If you are using an old model Vizio TV, you must check your TV detail. If it does not come with built-in Bluetooth, you can add external Bluetooth to it.

How do I connect my Bluetooth Soundbar to my TV without Bluetooth?

Connectivity of soundbar to tv is straightforward with several methods. Yes, you can connect your Bluetooth Soundbar to a TV without Bluetooth with HDMI, Optical cable and RCA cable.

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