How to Connect Vizio Sound Bar to LG TV

How to Connect Vizio Sound Bar to LG TV

Here are some methods or steps to get to know how to connect the Vizio soundbar to LG TV. What is Vizio Sound Bar? Vizio Sound Bar is a bundle of wireless woofers or subwoofers combined in a unit and provides audio technologies. It delivers a sound system that gives a room-filling sound audio experience, … Read more

How to use Logitech Webcam on Mac

How to use Logitech Webcam

The problem with built-in webcams is that they are not sufficient enough to conduct a video call using them. Often it seems like they get clustered of dust, and there is no easy way to clean them up.  We use Logitech webcam, one of the top brands. But installing them on a computer device is … Read more

How to use iPhone as Webcam

These days, not just you but a lot of people looking for ways to save money from buying an expensive webcam, and why shouldn’t it be? Because a regular webcam comes minimum in the price range of 50 to 80 bucks. Not all of us are willing to pay that much to attend some zoom … Read more

Do Smart TVs Have Cameras? If yes, Is It a Risk?

Do Smart TVs Have Cameras

No one would have ever thought that Artificial intelligence would evolve radically. The things that seemed impossible sometimes have now been made happen. TVs have become more advanced than one can think.  They’re no more like their old version, which used to be a box with a small piece of the screen with it. But, … Read more

What Cameras do Professional Photographers Use?

What Cameras do Professional Photographers Use

Looking for a good camera to enhance your video quality on Instagram reels or starting vlogging? Here is the insight into what cameras do professional photographers use. Everyone seems to be on the social world these days, blogging and vlogging their daily life or sharing glimpses of their travel and work updates on Insta stories. … Read more