Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking and Drag Clicking Black Friday Deals

Let’s boost your gaming experience with extra and fast mouse clicking. Despite how excellently you play and manage your moves in-game, there’s still room left with reasons that can knock you down. Yes, you guessed right! I’m talking about the clicky sounds of your handy ‘a mouse’. It’s not like a mystery that could lead you to some darker side; you know the facts quite well. Consequently, poor clicking of the mouse can lower your gaming score. Plus, hours of continuous playing can cause tiredness and fatigue.

Therefore, the need to have a well-built mouse with exceptional working abilities is essential to help you win your games and ensure comfort. To break the deal, I reviewed the seven best mouse for butterfly clicking to win more games and gain more rewards. Let’s dig!  

Best Mouse for Butterfly Clicking Comparison Table 2022

1) Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse Review

Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

Quick Overview

Brand Razer
Connection Type Wired
Weight 82 grams
Dimensions 2.8 x 5.0 x 1.69
Price under $ 50

We have the RazerDeathAdder, which can easily be labeled as a top-hole when we talk about the best mouse for jitter clicking. Although the DeathAdder became a part of the Razer clan in 2006, its wide range of features deserves a place in today’s top gaming mice. At first glance, you will see a stark similarity between the DeathAdder and its predecessors.

However, the device has evolved drastically over 14 years, upgrading by multi-folds. The ergonomically designed mouse is ideal for right-handers. It supports a wide range of grip styles and hand sizes, whether it’s your palm or fingertip. The top of the mouse has a designated finger groove on the right-click, and the flaring at the front helps separate the ring and pinkie fingers.

The mouse has the perfect optical switches that help reduce debounce delays. This means all clicks are triggered instantly, leaving no room for unintended clicks. The scroll wheel on this device offers improved tactility and control than the previous versions. However, the light scroll steps, low profile, and great middle-click feel similar.

Main Features of the Razer DeathAdder V2 Gaming Mouse

  • The Razer Death Adder V2 comes with as many as eight buttons fully customizable through the Razer Synapse 3 software.
  • The mechanical switches are three times faster than other conventional switches. Using light beam actuation, it registers around 70 million clicks.
  • It has side browser buttons, a DPI switch at the bottom, and two added buttons living underneath the scroll wheel.

  • Ergonomic Great design Sleep mode Good tracking Light-weight Good button placement
  • Flimsy buttons

2) Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse Review

Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse

Quick Overview

Brand Glorious PC Gaming Race
Connection TypeUSB
Weight2.36 ounces
Dimensions 5.04 x 2.60x 1.48 inches
Price under $100

The Glorious Model O is a flock flower when it comes to the best mouse for drag clicking. Rightfully named, the glorious mouse cuts a dash sitting on any desk space and is available in four different colors. It comes in glossy/matte white or black variants, which minute weight and price differences.

Moreover, the mouse has RGB lighting, which illuminates the complete body, plus the scroll wheel adds the visual flair to the rodent. The connected ascended cord on the Glorious O is exceptionally lightweight and feels almost undetectable. This decreases cable tension and possible snag as with other wired mice. With Omran mechanical switches, the mouse can withstand a good 20 million clicks.

The scroll wheel has a smooth rubber texture that feels pleasant to use and has good responsiveness on the six customizable buttons. What’s more, you get a whopping 12000 DPI, Pixar 3360 sensor, and a 1000 Hertz polling. Besides, the G-skates or mice feet at the base provide a smooth gliding experience which can be extremely handy for flicking through games.

Main Features of the Glorious Model O Gaming Mouse 

  • The Glorious mouse comes with a myriad of options, including six macros supported buttons, polling rate, 6 step Dpi, polling rate, lift-off distance, and many others.
  • The mouse feet on the surface are 100% pure Virgin PTFE that glide on the mouse pad as smooth as butter.
  • In addition to being lightweight, it has a creative honeycomb design intended for proper ventilation and sweat patch reduction.

  • Ambidextrous Flexible cable Stylish design DPI selection Responsiveness
  • Fewer buttons

3) Glorious Model D Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse Review 

Glorious Model D Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse, Matte Black

Quick Overview

Brand Glorious PC Gaming Race
Connection Type USB
Weight 2.47 ounces
Dimensions 5.04 x 2.60x 1.48 inches
Price under $100

The Glorious Model D is somewhat similar to its brother that we discussed above. At first glance, both devices look identical with their analogous girth, size, and color. On the flip side, you can instantly notice the dissimilarity in shape between the two siblings.

The Glorious Dhas an ergonomic design, while the Model O is ambidextrous. However, both are the best mouse for butterfly clicking and drag clicking. The Omran mechanical switches on the Glorious D work in the same manner as the Glorious O. You will find oversized buttons on the upper body’s left side that are easier to press and complement the ergonomic grip.

The ergonomic shape fits your hand like a glove and is excellent for long butterfly clicking sessions. Moreover, the G-skates come as more giant feet at the mouse’s front and back base, providing buttery smooth glide and effortless flicking.

Main Features of the Glorious Model D Lightweight RGB Gaming Mouse

  • In a similar fashion to the Glorious O, the D model also comes with a braided wire which is light as a feather and mimics the wireless feel.
  • The ergonomic shape conforms to every hand shape and size and feels exceptionally comfortable during long hours of use.
  • The mouse features mechanical switches that are rated for 20 million clicks, similar to the O model.

  • Hybrid grip Robust build Light-weight Adjustable DPI Stylish design quality sensor
  • Noisy scroll wheel

4) Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse Review

Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

Quick Overview

Brand Razer Inc.
Connection Type Wired
Weight 4.2ounces
Dimensions 4.69 x 2.93 x 1.69 inches
Priceunder $100

Another member of the Razer family, the Naga Trinity, is considered the crème da la crème as the best mouse for lots of clicking. With its 19 customized buttons and mechanical switches, it is an ideal candidate for butterfly clicking. The mouse comes with an improved upgrade displaying as high as 16000 DPI and a 5G sensor.

The Trinity keeps up to its name and has three thumb panels, where you can find a set of appropriately placed button options like 2, 7, and 12, enabling well-timed multiple clicks. Besides, 12 out of 19 buttons are found on the side, offering ease to the thumb grip. You can use the Synapse 3 software to map this assorted number of controls present on the mouse.

The software also allows you to store up to four profiles, which can be prompted through the bottom profile select button. On the downside, the Razer Trinity offers USB connectivity and hence lacks portability. However, it has a braided wire which provides ease of movement when plugged. Although a comfortable mouse, it is big and, with a whopping 4.2 ounce of weight, can feel a little heavy on the hand.

Main Features of the Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse

  • The extremely precise optical sensor allows DPI adjustment and mapping using a plethora of programmable buttons.
  • The Trinity has integrated mechanical switches to support butterfly clicking, enabling more than 50 million clicks.
  • The mouse also has a voice control system, which means you can pair it with an Alexa device for assigning tasks.
  • Voice Control Micro-key Precision` Unique scroll wheel Comfortable grip Improved optical sensor
  • Pricey Wired-only

5) Logitech G403 Hero 25K Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G403 Hero 25K Gaming Mouse for Fortnite

Quick Overview

BrandLogitech G
Connection Type USB
Weight 0.01 ounces
Dimensions 2 x 4 x8 inches
Price under $70

The Logitech G403 belongs to the list of the proverbial best mouse for double-clicking. The jet-black rodent looks simple with no fancy bells and whistles. The right-handed mouse has an ergonomic shape similar to the RazerDeathAdder.

However, it is relatively more minor in size, and the bump goes further back to support all hand sizes and grip styles. Also, it comes with a removable weight option, but detaching it results in a drastic weight shift to the front. So it’s better to keep the 10 gram intact for a well-balanced distribution. You can find rounded mouse feet at the base of the device, which glides smoothly without scratching the mousepad surface if you press down too hard during use.

The Logitech G403 comes with six buttons, a DPI, a scroll wheel, the left-right click, and the alternate sides’ side buttons. What’s more, you can program all these buttons (other than the left and right-click) through the software. According to Logitech, the mouse has built-in button tensioning, making the left and right-click buttons primed to butterfly clicking.

Main Features of the Logitech G403 Hero 25K Gaming Mouse

  • The 82-gram ambidextrous device allows ease of use to both the left and right-hand users.
  • All the buttons on the mouse provide soft feedback, except for the scroll wheel, which requires the most force and is noisy.
  • The six programmable buttons allow customization of macros which enhance butterfly clicking during game actions.

  • Ergonomic shape Adjustable DPI Well-built Programmable buttons Great polling rate
  • Lacks portability

6) SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse Review

Logitech G403 Hero 25K Gaming Mouse for Fortnite

Quick Overview

Connection TypeUSB
Weight 3.52 ounces
Dimensions 4.93 x 2.77 x 1.53 inches
Priceunder $50

The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is undoubtedly the best budget mouse for butterfly clicking. This reasonably priced mouse has an ambidextrous design, making it perfect for all gamers. With its minimalistic design, the mouse is durable and lightweight. It comes with eight programmable buttons, a rubberized wheel for no-slip scrolling, and a silicone grip on each side for long-lasting use.

The paint finish on the mouse body comes off after few uses due to the extended claw grip hold, which affects durability. The best part about the 310 is the split trigger switches on the top of the mice. This offers a higher rate of consistency and enables tactile feedback.

This is useful for instances like when you are playing a first-person shooter in the game, and you lose a life just because of a missed or unregistered click. Also, the 1: 1 tracking ensures precision, and mechanical switches assure 50 million clicks.

Main Features of the SteelSeries Sensei 310 Gaming Mouse

  • The SteelSeries Sensei 310 is compatible with mac, windows, and Linux but requires USB connectivity.
  • The left and right buttons prompt split-triggers and can resist as many as 50 million clicks.
  • Thanks to its ambidextrous design, its fits like a glove in both right and left hands and supports palm and claw grip styles.
  • The mouse also has integrated Prism RGB customized lighting, which can be programmed through the SteelSeries 310 Engine software.
  • Ambidextrous Comfortable to hold Laser tracking Scroll wheel response Great RGB Lightweight
  • Lacks a thumb rest Non-braided cable

7) SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse Review

SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

Quick Overview

Connection Type Wired
Weight 4.90 ounces
Dimensions2.7 x 5.16 x1.73 inches
Price under $70

The SteelSeries Rival 600 is another blue-chip to the list of the best mouse for butterfly-clicking. It has a robust build, excellent ergonomics, and you can customize the weight to your liking. However, it is a huge device and not preferable for people with small hands.

The coating on the buttons and side grips is made of smooth silicone, enabling an easy yet firm grip. Also, the side plates are magnetic and can be effortlessly taken on and off, so they don’t break when you apply unintentional force during gaming sessions.

Once you remove the side sections, it reveals the four pockets that are designed for weight adjustments. It consists of a small rubber pouch that contains 4-gram weights that can fit into any of the eight available slots. The primary buttons are placed slightly higher than on the 310, enabling a better claw grip. The scroll wheel allows automated actuation and offers reasonable control and tactile bumps, and a great middle-click.

Main Features of the SteelSeries Rival 600 Gaming Mouse

  • The Rival 600 has a firm built, and can the mechanical switches can maintain durability for more than 60 million clicks.
  • The mouse features the True move three optical sensors with 12000 CPI and delivers precise one-to-one tracking for the entire sensitivity range.
  • This model of the SteelSeries has a 6.5-foot-long wire length and the lowest and accurate lift-off distance.
  • Magnetic wrist rest Great optical sensor RGB capabilities Idiosyncratic shape Good software Comfortable
  • Poor side pads Noisy

Final Words

Ending up the discussion on the best mouse for butterfly clicking, why don’t you pick one to knock all your enemies and have all the goodies in your pocket? A pretty long question! But, I wish you to find a better fit to boom all your games with the highest scores without experiencing tiredness and trouble handling little handy. Lastly, if you feel confused about any spec or want a customized selection, comment below, and we will try to reach out as soon as possible. Happy mouse shopping! 


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