Best Keyboard and Mouse for PS4 Fortnite Black Friday Deals

Fun reading to buy the best keyboard and mouse for ps4 Fortnite! I’m overwhelmed after thinking about your gaming system and how well you might play. But, if you are missing out, a keyboard and a mouse reduce your gaming experience’s effectiveness.  Therefore, to help you boost again in your gaming play rounds, I have compiled a list of gaming keyboards and mouse for ps4. You just have to sit back and start scrolling.  However, before going down, do you know that keyboard and mouse advancements are specially designed to give gamers an ultimate pro experience? Starting from the number of multi-function keys to wrist rest, smartphone holders, plug and play set up LED lights integration, and many others.  All the keyboards and mouse mentioned below will help you kick start your gaming experience even better. 

Best Keyboard and Mouse for PS4 Fortnite Comparison Table 2022

1. FENIFOX Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

Quick Overview

Brand: FENIFOX Dimensions: 15.2 x 4.5 x 2.5 inches Connections: Wired Keyboard keys: 104 Weight: 2.2 pounds Price Under: $50

I have placed the FENIFOX keyboard on the top of the list due to several specifications and features it provides to help gamers experience even better gaming.  Moreover, FENIFOX gives a combo of a keyboard and a mouse that are ergonomically designed to ensure comfortable use. Also, the keyboard contains space for mobile holding and a port for plugging in the headset.  On the other hand, the FENIFOX provides the best mouse for Fortnite with a wide range of dpi adjustments and controlled side buttons to ensure comfortable and vivid gaming.  The keyboard and mouse combo is perfect for gamers who are just starting playing Fortnite and other peripherals. You can easily clean, plug, and play the keyboard without waiting for installments. 

Main Features of the FENIFOX Gaming Keyboard and Mouse


FENIFOX keyboard and mouse are made up of aluminum alloy with a silver metallic panel that ensures durability. The ergonomic design protects hands from exhaustion. Also, the mechanical design provides a better experience. 

Gaming keyboard:

It’s keyboard comes with additional specifications or integration of handset (removable) and smartphone holder to help you have an advanced and practical use. 

Gaming Mouse:

The FENIFOX gaming mouse comes with colorful lights that enhance your experience. Plus, back and forth designed functions controlled by left side button, non slip ergonomic design, and four dpi (adjustable including, 3200, 2400, 1200 and 800) to provide you vivid positioning gaming experience. 


FENIFOX keyboard works with Windows 10/8 /7, Vista, XP, Mac, Android, PC desktops, computers, laptops, Google TV PS4 game, Xbox One, and Smart TV. 

Additional Manufacturer Aid:

The product comes with a 1-year warranty with 100% customer satisfaction and service availability 24 hours. 

  • Ergonomic and mechanical design More compatibility Keyboard advancements Comfortable to use
  • No RGB support and driver

2. MFTEK Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review

Quick Overview

Brand: MFTEK Dimensions: 17.91 x 5.71 x 4.8 inches Connections: USB Keyboard keys: 104 Weight: 2.35 pounds Price Under: $30

MFTEK keyboard has rainbow backlit to increase the visibility of letters and giving the ultimate gaming experience. Whereas the mouse contains different colored LED lights with back and forth buttons for faster web browsing.  Moreover, keyboard letters are laser craved for long-lasting working, and the fleet of the keyboard adjusts easily to keep the keyboard intact. This keyboard is suitable for writers or gamers who require more pressing of keys with faster responses. Also, the keyboard comes with 104 keys for a bundle of purposes. 

Main Features of the MFTEK Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Gaming Keyboard: 

The MFTEK keyboard has integrated rainbow backlit to provide you illuminated letters that enhance beauty and gaming experience as well as ensuring ease to use in dark rooms. You can switch the backlit off by pressing the key labeled “Scroll Lock.” 

Gaming Mouse: 

Mouse has integrated with LED lights of different colors, including blue, purple, red, and rose, to give you a soothing light effect during your gaming. Also, the mouse comes with faster back and forth buttons that help you for browsing the web, and natural curves ensure a better grip of the mouse. 


The keyboard comes with laser carving, and UV coated ABS key caps that ensure characters visible for a long time. Plus, an adjustable feet easily fixes and provide a strong grip without sliding for convenient typing. This keyboard also helps you experience more key presses and quick responses. 

Multimedia Key Functions: 

A total of 104 keys of the keyboard provide a better gaming experience with 19 non-conflict keys and 12 media keys to help you access your emails, music during gaming, pressing, or holding multiple keys without the chance of missing any key. 

Additional Features:

Mouse pad is an additional add-on made up of fiber cloth with rubber non-slip, waterproof, and flexible base to ensure smooth and accurate mouse movement without slipping or curling. 

  • Multi-functions keys Strong keyboard and mouse grip Faster mouse buttons Low actuation keyboard working
  • No RGB for Mac

3. Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard Review

Quick Overview

Brand: Razer Dimensions: 9.22 x 17.64 x 1.42 inches Connections: Wired Keyboard keys: 104 Weight: 3.76 pounds Price Under: $200

Razer has also produced better products for gamers. Consequently, it provides a keyboard with fast speed as of light. The keyboard can easily associate with popular games, and you can perform different difficult tasks using the keyboard without missing any key.  The keyboard’s wrist rest allows continuous gaming without getting tired or fatigue. Also, the mechanical switch system ensures quick and frequent clicks without experiencing any hurdle in key pressing.  Furthermore, the keyboard is designed to support clicks of around 100 million; thus, you will have a durable keyboard with a long usage time. 

Main Features of the Razer Huntsman Elite Gaming Keyboard

Better Usage Speed:

Razer Huntsman keyboard works as quick as light speed. The optical switches are light actuation based to ensure key-presses in millions without any interruption or inconvenience. Also, the keys are clicky enough to work continuously. 

Additional Features:

The keyboard comes with the capability to syncs trending games, hardware (Razer), gear (partners up to 30), Philips hue, and backlit keys in colors up to 16.8 million. 


The Razer keyboard is made up of aluminium with an aluminium top and matte that gives strength to the keyboard. The overall design of the keyboard supports 100 million key presses. Also, the manufacturer provides a 2-year warranty. 

Easy Usage: 

You can easily perform complex tasks during your games by holding or pressing multiple keys without any stress of losing any key. 


Keyboard is a leatherette manufactured to comfort during more gaming rounds and an integrated lighting under surface with ergonomic wrist rest design to ensure a convenient gaming experience. 

  • Fast speed Hardware and games syncs Durable More clicks
  • Reduced connection errors

4. Gaming Keyboard and Mouse and Mouse pad Review

Quick Overview

Brand: Orzly Dimensions: 17.91 x 7.68 x 4.72 inches Connections: Wired Keyboard keys: 104 Weight: 8.8 ounces Price Under: $50

Orzly combo of keyboard and mouse (also a mouse pad) is a fun treat that allows you to have all in one gaming experience. If you are a foodie person while playing games, then this keyboard can help you when it comes to cleaning (as the keyboard is far easier to clean than other keyboards).  The computer or mouse pad gives the perfect cushion for better grip as well as the gaming mouse for ps4 is itself slim and easy to hold. The headset with microphones makes it easy to communicate with friends or other players during game rounds. 

Main Features of the Gaming Keyboard and Mouse and Mouse pad

The Full Picture: 

You will get an amazing keyboard with a gaming mouse, headset, and mat for the mouse to have an all-around gaming experience. 

Gaming Keyboard: 

Orzly keyboard comes with LED backlights (multiple colors), 19 rollover keys for anti-ghosting, media keys for controlling media, gaming keys, keystrokes help in quite working, and feet adjustment to ensure wrist comfort. Also, RGB lights provide an amazing gaming experience. 

Gaming Mouse: 

The mouse is integrated with four colors LED breathing mode, four dpi adjustments including, 1600, 1200, 2400, and 3200. 


It works with Retro Pie Gaming, Xbox Gaming, PS4 Gaming, and PC Gaming. You can play on any of them daily. 

Gaming Headset: 

Orzly keyboard pack contains headset with stereo audio for clear, deep, crisp bass, smooth earpads for long term gaming period, versatile audio jack, and microphones for controlling volume cord.

  • Increased compatibility Versatile headset Perfect grip design of the mouse
  • Reduced quality plastic keycaps

5. Havit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Review

Quick Overview

Brand: Havit Dimensions: 18.9 x 8.27 x 1.38 inches Connections: Wired Keyboard keys: 104 Weight: 1.5 pounds Price not available

If you are looking for a keyboard that can actually lower your usage timing and allow quick access to computer folders, etc., then Havit might be a good choice for you. As the integration of the key of Havit keyboard is multi-functional, that reduces time in accessing computer programs through many clicks.  For instance, you can open the My computer folder by pressing the extra single key present on the top side. Mouse buttons provide quick response, and it’s button works smoothly. The keyboard is super easy to use and convenient. 

Main Features of the Havit Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Gaming Keyboard: 

RGB rainbow keyboard gives the ultimate extraordinary gaming experience. It contains backlit keycaps, options for disabling win keys for better gaming, and wrist rest to ensure long-term use of the keyboard without making hands experience fatigue. 

Gaming Mouse: 

RGB Havit mouse comes with 4800 dpi (also four adjustable dpi), ergonomic design, flashing indicator. The high dpi provides higher responsive sensitivity for better gaming and durability. 

Multimedia Key Munctions: 

The gaming keyboard comes with 19 key rollover or non-conflict keys, 11 media keys, four changeable keys, back and forth/ up and down keys, and soft space bar key for quite working, media (music, etc.) accessibility, and controlling volume during gaming, respectively. 


The keyboard works with Windows Vista/7/8/9/10/2003/2000/XP, Mac OS, and devices including computers, Xbox, PS4, and Mac for the ultimate gaming experience. 

  • Comfortable typing Ergonomic design to lower stress Budget-friendly
  • The mouse is a bit heavier. Keycaps are sticking

6. Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Quick Overview

Brand: Corsair Dimensions: 17.24 x 6.53 x 1.53 inches Connections: Wired USB 2.0 Keyboard keys: 104 Weight: 2.76 pounds Price Under: $200

As compared to other mentioned keyboards, the Corsair keyboard has integrated backlit per each key that gives an enhanced gaming experience in darker rooms. The keyboard allows profile storage of up to three files with 100% anti-ghosting, and the additional keys provide quick access to media and emails during games.  Moreover, its RGB lightning, material casing, mechanical keys, and others are all top-notch features. 

Main Features of the Corsair K70 RGB MK.2 Mechanical Gaming Keyboard


Corsair keyboard is made up of an aircraft-grade aluminum frame to give the keyboard more life. Also, mechanical cherry MX provides more accuracy and reliability during key switches. 

Profile Storage: 

Through its 8MB hardware, you can access your three stored profiles independent of external software.

Gaming Keyboard:

The keyboard comes in RGB back-lighting multi-color keycaps with a hundred percent anti-ghosting 104 key rollovers to ensure fast working or gaming experience. 

Easy Setup: 

Corsair keyboard with 1000Hz HID keyboard report rate easily sets by plugging in the USB port and contains more USB port to integrate headset or mouse. 

Corsair icue Software: 

Its advanced software integration provides controlling lightning and macro programming with lightning synchronization compatible with Corsair’s other appliances, including coolers, peripherals, fans, and others. 

  • Better RGB lights Quick report rate Profile storage
  • Pricey

7. Rainbow Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo Review


Quick Overview

Brand: MFTEK Dimensions: 17.87 x 6.89 x 6.61 inches Connections: Wired USB Keyboard keys: 104 Weight: 2.68 pounds Price Under: $30

The backlit integration in the keyboard increases the visibility of letters and gives an extremely excellent gaming experience. Though, the mouse contains distinctive hued LED lights with faster buttons for quick web browsing.  Further, the adjustable fleet of the keyboard keeps it intact to provide non-slip continuous gaming battles. Also, the keyboard is reasonable for journalists or gamers who require additionally pressing and holding keys. 

Main features of the Rainbow Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Gaming Keyboard: 

The gaming keyboard has coordinated rainbow lights to give you enlightened letters that upgrade excellence and gaming experience and guaranteeing to use in darker rooms.

Gaming Mouse: 

Mouse has lights of various tones, such as blue, purple, red, and rose, to give you an alleviating light impact during your games. Additionally, the mouse contains back/forth buttons that help you peruse the web, and natural bends guarantee better hold on the mouse.


The keyboard accompanies UV covered ABS keycaps and laser carving that guarantee characters long visibility. Furthermore, customizable feet effectively fix and give a solid grasp without sliding. This keyboard additionally helps you experience more key presses and speedy responses.

Multi-Functions Keys: 

Complete set of 104 keys of the keyboard leads to a better gaming experience with 19 non-conflict keys and 12 media keys to help you access your messages, music during gaming and holding or pressing various keys without missing any key.

Extra Highlights: 

Mouse pad comprises fiber material with rubber, non-slip, waterproof, and adaptable base to guarantee smooth and exact movements of the mouse without curling or slipping.

  • Multi-functions keys Durable Faster mouse buttons for browsing
  • No RGB for Mac

8. MFTEK Crack Backlit 3 Colors Keyboard, Wired Gaming Mouse Review

Quick Overview

Brand: MFTEK Dimensions: 19.7 x 10.5 x 4.7 inches Connections: Wired Keyboard keys 114 Weight: 1.1 pounds Price Under: $50

Well, on the last of the list of best keyboard and mouse for PS4 Fortnite is another MFTEK brand keyboard and mouse with a crack design that gives amazing gaming looks to both.  You will get a complete set of gaming equipment, including a keyboard, a mouse, and a headset. The trio works perfectly together to help you give A leveled gaming experience.  Furthermore, the keyboard contains additional keys for performing more functions, and the mouse comes with side curves that allow you to hold firmly without experiencing fatigue. 

Main Features of the MFTEK Crack Backlit 3 Colors Keyboard, Wired Gaming Mouse

Gaming Trio: 

MFTEK contains a trio including a keyboard (with 114 keys with the integration of three changeable colors including blue, purple, and red), a mouse (with four color dpi adjustments), and a headset (to provide high-quality audio and contains noise cancellation microphones). 


Keywords support Windows 7/ Windows 10/Windows 8/ Windows XP/ Windows Vista, and others. 

Gaming Keyboard: 

The illuminated keyboard comes with one color breathing mode, crack pattern, auto changing three color mode, light adjustment, 19 non-conflict and anti-ghosting keys ten media keys provide fast, quite working and easy access to music or emails during gaming. 

Gaming Mouse: 

MFTEK gaming mouse comes with crack pattern, seven buttons for more gaming control, for adjustable DPI including 2000, 1600, 1200, and 800 to control breathing backlit colors (purple, red, rose, and blue). Side curves of the mouse give a comfortable grip for playing. 

Gaming Headset: 

It’s gaming headset comes with a blue backlit design and noise cancellation microphones that provide stereo, crips, and clear sound during gaming or other activity. Its 50mm driver provides deep bass and soft earmuff, and the headband made up of leather ensures comfortable wearing for a long time. 

Additional Mouse Pad: 

The gaming mouse pad is made up of fine fiber cloth that allows strong and accurate grip and mouse movements without sliding due to rubber and a flexible waterproof base. Also, the side stitched edges reduce chances of curling or damaging. 

  • Adjustable keyboard colors ABS injection keyboard Mouse and keyboard comfortable on the hand
  • Light mouse (reduced plastic quality)

Buying considerations 

You might be very excited to play Fortnite, but before buying a keyboard with other accessories, let me tell you some most common and necessary features to help you have a better Fortnite gaming experience. Starting from the visual context, in Fortnite, you don’t just have to look at what is happening in the game; rather, you are also concerned with the audio and sound that help you prepared to protect yourself from the enemy’s sniper and vice versa.  Therefore, for this purpose, you would need a full-featured headset. Luckily, from the above mentioned, some keyboards also come with a headset. However, if you find the headset an unnecessary one, you should only switch to a less priced keyboard or mouse for PS4 Fortnite.  Furthermore, let’s start with keyboard considerations; 

  • Look for switches present under each key. Make sure the type of keyboard switches, either mechanical or membrane. Mechanical switches produce click sounds, tactile responses, and take less travel time. However, membrane keyboards produce fewer sounds and more spongy presses. 
  • Size formation including, full size, TKL, and 60% or 40% keyboards; you should look for a full-size keyboard as it will contain more keys and function options. TKL sized keyboards are also considered fair enough for gaming. However, 60% and 40% of sized keyboards contain fewer keys and reduced functions. 

Now, let’s see mouse considerations. 

  • The sensor or sensitivity of the mouse is the foremost factor to look for before buying one. The sensor tracks the accurate positions and movements of the mouse during your play. However, the dpi (dot per inch) shows the sensitivity level of the mouse. So, the more dpi the more mouse sensitivity. 
  • Another factor to look at is the mouse’s size, shape, and length. The more compact, lighter, and side curves shaped mouse, the better gaming will be. In other words, you should look at either the mouse you are going to buy comfortable and have a good grip on your hand or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you play Fortnite with a keyboard and mouse on PS4? 

Yes, Fortnite works or supports both the gaming keyboard and mouse on PS4. 

Why is it better to use a keyboard and mouse for ps4? 

For gamers, the keyboard and mouse provide precise and better controls, especially for shooting, making them a great choice to win games. 

Which keyboards are compatible with PS4 Fortnite? 

Most of the keyboards are versatile incompatibility. However, all the keyboards mentioned above are compatible with PS4 Fortnite. 


Wrapping the discussion on the best keyboard and mouse for ps4 Fortnite, you might see all the keyboards are well integrated with the advancements specially designed for gamers to make themselves a pro in the gaming world.  Moreover, if you find any trouble selecting a keyboard and a mouse for Fortnite, you should break your requirements and be more specific. You can also take help by reading precise considerations and FAQs to help you get a better idea.  Lastly, I hope you will become a pro, if not already, by adding an excellent featured keyboard and mouse to your gaming system.  Happy future pro gaming with these top three keyboards!

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